Hacked Windows Phone 7 emulator demoed on video

Earlier this morning, the Windows Phone 7 emulator was “unlocked” (so to speak), granting anyone with a few spare minutes and basic tinkering abilities an opportunity to get a look at a bunch of stuff Microsoft didn’t originally include.

Not everyone is prepped and ready to get their hack on, though. Maybe you’re on a Mac. Maybe it’s Friday and you just don’t feel like doing anything. Understandable. Fortunately for you, a couple of videos demonstrating all the hacked ROM have been flying around the Intertubes.

The first one comes from PocketNow, who’s had a pretty strong chokehold on this story from the beginning:

The second (and freakishly huge) video comes from the fine folks at TechAU:


10 minutes with Windows Phone 7 simulator unlocked from techAU on Vimeo.