DEMO: Mobile Startup Roundup

VentureBeat’s Spring 2010 DEMO conference is kicking off this week. Out of the 65 companies that are launching products and services this week, there are a number of mobile-related startups in the mix. Interestingly, there are several startups that are launching simple iPhone and mobile app creation services. Among the more compelling ideas are Flinc’s realtime ridesharing app and Zerista’s Ning-like platform for mobile apps. Here’s a roundup of 8 startups with mobile applications and services launching at DEMO.

Visiarc: Visiarc has developed a technology that helps bring the experience of viewing documents on a desktop to a mobile phone. The startup’s software aims to revolutionize the large email attachments on mobile phones, by streaming large attachments to your phone.

AppWhirl: AppWhirl, which allows anyone to create personalized iPhone apps, is launching a new, simple app creation technology that allows users to create apps with a stream of realtime news and updates. The customized apps can aggregate a Twitter stream, a YouTube Channel, a Flickr image stream, Facebook status updates and more.

Mmatcher: Mmatcher aims to bring location-aware, classified ads to mobile phones. A mobile ad network for classified ads, Mmatcher aims to bring buyers and sellers together and promises spam-free, realtime and personal matched classified ads to be delivered to mobile phones. The startup matches buyers and sellers using location as a key factor.

Zerista: Zerista, which is like a Ning for mobile apps, helps create mobile apps for small, social communities. Zerista will turn a group, club, team or organization into a mobile community by letting users create a simple mobile application a group can use from a smartphone or computer. The apps allow for a centralized location for group activities and schedules, and even incorporates social media and check-in technologies.

AppVoyage: AppVoyage’s software helps developers publish apps to multiple app stores, and helps build mobile advertising campaigns. AppVoyage is rolling out AppBlox, which uses a self-service, simple drag and drop technology to build mobile apps and advertising campaigns.

Flinc: Flinc is launching a mobile application that allows people to match up with each other for rides based on their location. Called dynamic ridesharing, the applications will keep track of traffic in real time, will connect users with open seats in cars within their network, let them send requests to be picked up, and coordinates messaging between drivers and pick-ups.

Phone Halo: Phone Halo wants to prevent the annoying and sometimes costly problem of losing and misplacing your phone, keys, wallet, and other valuables. Phone Halo attaches a small Bluetooth device to keys, purse, or other valuable with a software running on the phone to track the distance between the phone and device. When the two become separated, both ring and alert you. The app is only available for Android and Blackberry devices for now.

Zosh: Zosh aims to eliminate the need for fax machines. An iPhone app allows you to take documents and sign them or write on them via your iPhone. You can then email the signed documents to anyone.