Skype on Verizon launching on Thursday

The first day of CTIA was pretty crazy, scheduling wise. Yesterday afternoon, we had the choice between going to Samsung’s press conference, Sprint’s press conference, or Skype’s press conference. I managed to bend time and space just enough to cover both Samsung’s Galaxy S event and Sprint’s EVO 4G (HTC Supersonic) event — but unfortunately, time can only be bent so far before the fabric of the universe starts to tear, so Skype’s event went uncovered. You don’t want the fabric of the universe to tear, do you?

With that said, what they announced is still worth mentioning.

Skype announced back in February that they’d be partnering with Verizon for a carrier-endorsed release of their mobile app, and they’re wasting no time bringing said partnership to fruition. Skype for Verizon will be launching on BlackBerry and Android handsets tomorrow, Thursday the 25th.

Remember: this version of the app works over Verizon’s data network, saving you precious minutes without forcing you to find a WiFi hotspot. If you’ve never signed yourself up for Skype and tracked down all of your friends, now’s probably a good time.