Slacker Radio for Windows Mobile coming today, iPhone app to get station caching soon

With Slacker Radio being one of the few music-discovery/custom-radio-station type dealies that I use almost every day, I figured I ought to stop by their booth at the smaller, press-only CTIA gathering called MobileFocus. I’m glad I did.

Though it hasn’t gone live just yet, the gents reppin’ the floor for Slacker let us know that their long-awaited Windows Mobile app will be launching today. With that release, Slacker will be available for every major smartphone platform.

We got to spend a bit of time with the app last night. Maybe it was the fact that I was a drink or two in; maybe it was the fact that it was running on the monstrous screen of an HTC HD2. Either way, it looked glorious. Album art was massive, the user interface was as simple as ever, and the whole app seemed to breeze along with ease. It had most of the features we’ve come to expect from Slacker (Artist bios, album reviews, song lyrics, liking/banning songs, etc), save for the offline station caching feature (which lets you listen to your favorite stations without a data connection) from the BlackBerry and Android builds.

Slacker also confirmed that a Windows Phone 7 port of the application is currently in the works.

Speaking of station caching, it’s coming to the Slacker iPhone app. Soon. They weren’t showing it off at the show on any official level – but when we spotted an iPhone lurking behind-the-scenes and asked about caching, they were more than willing to show it off. The caching-enabled version is awaiting Apple’s approval.