Sprint LG Rumor Touch finally going on sale on March 28th

Man oh man! Remember the LG Rumor Touch? The touchscreen feature phone Sprint announced all the way back at CES in early January? If you’d had asked me yesterday when this thing was going to launch, my response would have been a blank stare followed by “Holy crap, that hasn’t launched yet?”

Sure enough, it hasn’t – but it’s just about to. Sprint’s cutting it pretty close, but it looks like they’ll just baaaarely make it within the first quarter launch window they promised at the beginning.

Sprint has just announced that the Rumor Touch will be hittin’ the e-shelves of their online store come March 28th. It won’t hit the meatspace stores until April 4th (which isn’t part of the “first quarter” – but we’ll forgive’m). It’ll be available in blue at first, with red and purple color options launching on April 18th.

When the LG Rumor Touch was first announced, no price was disclosed. We guessed that it’d be somewhere between $100 and $150 — and we were right. The Rumor Touch will set you back $129 on a 2-year contract, with a $50 mail-in rebate knocking the price down to $79.99 for anyone who remembers to actually mail it in.