Update on #GeeknRolla, April 20, London #gknr

Tommy Ahlers, founder of ZYB which was acquired by Vodafone for €31.5m in 2008 – will be keynoting at this year’s GeeknRolla in London on April 20. GeeknRolla is an annual London conference for technology startups to launch, network with investors and talk about how they create and build themselves.

Before founding ZYB, where he has held the position of CEO since the company’s inception, Ahlers spent six years in strategy and management, partly in the mobile industry. He was previously with McKinsey & Company for more than four years, where he served as an engagement manager working with mobile operators to shape their strategies. In addition to ZYB, he also founded another start-up which provided a global SMS-service to mobile users.

He’ll be joined by Morten Lund, among others. We’ll be rolling out the rest of our speaker programme next week.

This year there is a special emphasis on launching startups and connecting them with investors.

If you are a startup in stealth or private beta want to launch at GeeknRolla, then fill out this form[update, the deadline has now passed].

The Deadline for entry is midnight CET, Sunday March 28.

We are looking for speeches which enliven the European startup scene and teach something tangible. You can pitch me your idea on email with the subject line ‘GeeknRolla”. But just saying you’d like to speak is not enough. You must have a real idea for a subject. Speakers do not get to talk about their company. They must impart real knowledge.