Official: Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630 getting Push-to-talk on March 30th

The good word of the rumor mill said we’d be hearing about Push-to-talk on the Verizon BlackBerry Tour soon, and sure enough: ol’ VeeZeeDub has just made it official.

The Push-to-talk application should land in the Tour Application Center on March 30th, at which point anyone lookin’ to get in on the fun can add PTT service to their plan for 5 bucks a month. There appears to be some sort of 90-day trial available to anyone activating a new BlackBerry plan – but chances are, long-time BB users will be able to get in on the deal if they ask real nice.

Once activated, the convenience key becomes the “push” button referenced in “push-to-talk”. Now go! Go and act out your wildest dreams of being a contractor with important things to say into your walkie-talkie phone!