Not really a big surprise: iPhone multitasking to use "Expose-like" interface

We know iPhone OS 4 is in the pipes, and I imagine this little nugget of information is far from the only inklings we’ll have of new iPhone features over the next few months. Despite the extraordinary length of the Apple Insider article, there’s really only one piece of new information: the iPhone will be using an Expose-like interface to let you switch between apps, though due to scaling issues it is apparently only using the apps’ icons and not current screenshots. It’ll be triggered, they say, by quickly tapping the home button twice. Not terribly exciting, but it’s good to know.

Personally, I still find Palm’s card approach the most accessible multi-tasking around. If this Expose thing works, I’m sure it’ll be convenient, but will it have the amount of power a true task manager should have, or is it just going to be quicker than hitting home once and finding the app yourself?