GameFly iPhone App finally gets proper Game Queue management support

I’m a fan of GameFly. As a hardcore gamer (as in I spend too much time doing it, not as in I’m particularly good) who gets bored of games quick, it just makes economic sense. That’s why when GameFly announced their GameCenter iPhone app last October, I just about ate my pants in excitement. That’s what people do when they’re excited, right? Eat their pants?

Unfortunately, my buzz was killed pretty quick: as it turned out, GameFly’s iPhone app didn’t allow you to actually.. you know, use GameFly. While it had a bunch of fun game info and screenshots, you couldn’t add or remove games from your shipping queue (or as GameFly calls it, your GameQ.)

The fans clamored, so they threw in a workaround of sorts in an early update: users could access their GameQ, but it was really just an embedded version of the GameFly mobile site. Where’s the fun in that?

In an update released today, GameFly has gone and made things right. GameQ management is now built-in through proper, native code, along with a handful of other new features:

* Personalize games and news for your platforms
* Similar games recommendations for each title
* Share games you add to your Q with friends
* Improved UI for browsing games and news
* More game trailers with higher quality

What do you think? Any other GameFly members out their eating their pants right now?