New Twitter For BlackBerry Beta client leaked

Didn’t manage to squeeze your way into our Twitter for BlackBerry Beta code giveaway? Got into the Beta, but just want to be on the absolute cutting edge? Either way, you’re set. A new Beta version of the client has just leaked out, making RIM’s mediocre Twitter client slightly less mediocre.

Made available by the lovely folks over at BBTweeps (and brought to our attention by the also-lovely folks at CrackBerry), the new Beta should work for anyone running BlackBerry OS 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 4.7.1, or 5.0 — in other words, just about everyone.

The new goods in this Beta:

  • Profile editing
  • Click profile pictures to enlarge them
  • Faster performance by way of data caching
  • Twitter List viewing and creation
  • Font settings
  • You can now disable the navigation bar, and remove the update box from the app’s homescreen.

It’s still got a ways to go before it’s competing with the likes of Seesmic and TweetGenius – but progress is progress, right?

You can find all the over-the-air download links here.