T-Mobile: Give up your iPhone and we'll give you $350 off an HD2

It’s 6:30 am. The Alarm app on your iPhone screams to life, the handset vibrating across the table. You grab it before it shuffles off the edge.

You stare at the screen. It stares back. “It’s 6:30 AM! Snooze?”, it says through a fake, one-tooth grin. “I hate you, iPhone. I wish you were an HD2.”

If this story sounds familiar, your day is about to get so much better.

TmoNews just got their paws on the above intranet message, outlining a plan for “participating” T-Mobile retailers (read: not all of them) to sell some HD2s by handing out a good chunk of cash in exchange for iPhones.

Here’s how it works: You take your working, hopefully-in-good-shape iPhone into a T-mobile store. You tell them you’re interested in an HD2, and they’ll tell you how much store credit they’ll give you toward the purchase, ranging from $100 to $350. Easypeezy.

Given that the HD2 goes for $199 on a two year contract, you could very easily be walking out of the store with a free handset be it that your iPhone is in good enough shape. If you’re looking to avoid all that contract nonsense, you can also apply that credit towards outright purchasing the $450 unit, bringing the final price as low as $100 bucks.

If you’re looking to get rid of your iPhone and an HD2 sounds right, this seems like a decent way to go about it. If you’re not looking to get rid of your iPhone — well, then this is a terrible idea for you.