Turn your shiny new iPad into a Twitter picture frame

[Romania] What better use for that shiny new and expensive iPad than to turn it into a Twitter-driven picture frame? That’s the idea behind Chirp Frame, a new iPad app from Romanian web and mobile development outfit Work in Progress.

It’s a Twitter client with a difference in that it displays one tweet at a time from those that you follow, in full screen glory. Designed, says Work in Progress, to make it easy to read tweets while watching TV, something we’re big fans of doing here at TechCrunch Europe. “It’s like following updates hands-free”, says the company.

Along with displaying updates from your friends timeline, Chirp Frame enable you to post new tweets and send @ replies. Three different themes are included, from a minimalist black and white theme to one dubbed ‘nature’, and there’s a setting so that you can adjust the refresh rate of tweets. One thing the app appears to be lacking, however, is Twitter search, which would be really useful for following a particular hashtag during a TV show or live event.

Chirp Frame costs $0.99 and is available from the iPad App Store.