Cisco takes their certification courses mobile, launches M-Learning iPhone app

Becoming a Cisco-Certified Network engineer can add that extra little somethin-somethin’ to your resume — and hopefully your paycheck. Alas, studying for the tests on-the-go is generally a pretty sure fire way to wreck your back, given that the books tend to be about as heavy as a box of bricks.

Looking to save the next generation of network monkeys everywhere from self-inflicted Scoliosis, Cisco has just launched their first efforts in packing the course down into bite-sized, mobile-friendly pieces. Called Cisco M-Learning, it all begins with an iPhone/iPod Touch app, with plans to roll out to the iPad and BlackBerry within the next few months.

Intended as a supplement to other training materials (read: the massive book, and/or a real, live, breathing teacher), Cisco M-Learning cuts some of the beefier topics down into individual “learning modules”. Each learning module is made up of videos, slides, review questions — all the sort of stuff you’d expect — and individually priced at $4.99 a pop. With around 18 learning modules available at launch (and plans to launch more from the more advanced courses soon), snatchin’ them all up won’t come cheap — but hey, it’s worth it if it helps you pass the test, right?