Google to pull all games from the Android Market in South Korea

Are you from South Korea? Are you carrying an Android phone? Love gaming? Stop reading this. Go download every game you can from the Android market, and then come back. Don’t worry! We’ll wait!

Now that you’re back, here’s why we had you do that: Google’s about to pull all games from the Android Market in South Korea.

Now, now – don’t get too upset at Google. They’ve got nothing against South Koreans. Alas, South Korean local law prohibits games from being sold without first being run through the paces by a regulatory board — something which, due to the open and constantly updated nature of the Market, simply isn’t possible with Android.

Apple had to do the same thing a few months back. Local authorities started coming down on them, and Apple eventually just killed off the games category in the region altogether. 15 seconds later 90% of South Koreans realized they could just set up a US iTunes account and get all the games they wanted that way, and these crazy regulations were circumvented.

Google says the games should be pulled within the month.

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