Is the Nexus One's display inferior to the Droid's?

Science! Big words! These are two things we like around these parts, even if we don’t really understand them. When I look at the Nexus One’s display, I can’t help but slap my knee and let out some sort of proclamation of joy, like “Gee Wiz!”, or “Well, I’ll be!”, or “Fwaaaaarg.

Some people, however, aren’t quite as impressed.

DisplayMate, the same guys who put together a big piece showing why the Nexus One’s display was inferior to that of the iPhone, have just put together a monster of a post on the Nexus One’s display vs the Droid’s. The clear cut winner? The Droid.

While the Nexus bests the Droid on some fronts, like black level brightness and low light contrast ratio, the Droid comes out on top in just about everything else. Gamma? Check. Color temperature? Check! Color gamut, saturation, intensity, and viewing angle? Checkles McCheckenstein. DisplayMate goes as far as saying that the Nexus One’s display seems like “an unfinished prototype” under the microscope.

Of course, “under the microscope” is really the key here. The Droid may best the Nexus One on all sorts of crazy technical levels, but I bet if you hand both of them to any random person on the street, they wouldn’t have a single complaint about either. (Though we’d love to hear someone say, “You know, the screen on this Nexus One sure seems about 2000 degrees Kelvin too blue.”)

Ready for the aforementioned science and big words? Check out the full report here.