Another pico projector, this one from Sapphire

I never thought I’d see the day when pocket-sized projectors would be so thick on the ground that I can’t tell the difference between them. Well, that day is come. While the big guys (TI, HP, 3M, and others without two-character acronyms) have their own entries into the pico-projector field, there are a ton of me-toos out there that don’t really add anything to the equation. Try as I might, I can’t find any significant differences between this new thing and the MPro150 I just reviewed.

That said, competition is good, and this thing doesn’t look any worse — although it does cost a bundle and a half. Over $500 and it doesn’t have any internal storage? I don’t know. I’ll have some of the newer generation to review soon, so we’ll see if this thing is outclassed or merely overpriced.

[via Expert Reviews]