Gasp! AT&T's "Unlimited" data plan for the iPad 3G to actually be unlimited

I’m trying to keep the iPad-related posts here on MobileCrunch down to a minimum, because I figure you’re getting enough of it shoved in your face by other blogs, Twitter, and your mother after she saw it mentioned on the news and wanted to bond with you. With that said, this one gets a pass for being as much AT&T-related as it is iPad-related.

You see, most of the major carriers (including AT&T) like to pitch their data plans as being “Unlimited”. It just sounds awesome, you know? Thing is, it’s not actually “Unlimited” as in “without limits”. Once you dig into the fine print, you find all sorts of phrasing like “Unlimited.. within reason”, with the “reasonable” level generally coming in somewhere around 5 gigabytes. Go past this a few times, they’ll call and shout at you; go way past it regularly, they might nix your data plan (though I’ve never heard of that actually happening.)

With the iPad 3G, AT&T’s throwing this practice out the window.

The folks over at Gearlog spoke to AT&T’s Mark Siegel, who said, straight up: “unlimited is unlimited.” Not bad for $30 a month.

It’s kind of an odd device to make the switch with; given the iPad’s higher resolution and larger screen, it seems like more people are going to be using more data more often — but you know what? We’re not complaining.