Is StreamTV a black knight in the 3D TV market?

3D TVs are a hot topic these days, with Panasonic, Sony, and Samsung all fighting for a piece of the action. But the battle may have just gotten more interesting with the entrance of a new competitor: StreamTV. We were just informed that this company, which we have never heard of, currently has an Amazon listing for a 42-inch and a 37-inch 3D TV.

The TV has some interesting features, including a built in Blu-ray player, browsing capabilities, and a 500GB hard drive. Most intriguing though, is that it claims to be able to show 3D content without the need for glasses of any sort. The fact that a Google search for StreamTV turns up nothing makes us very suspicious, but for $5999.99 and $3999.99 (42 and 37-inch, respectively), we would expect nothing less. This mysterious company also has a regular 55-inch LCD TV listed on Amazon for $2,299.99.