OMG! There's a Frank's Hot Sauce iPhone app!!

Today is a glorious day, comrades! No longer are we shackled to the Google iPhone app to find a dining establishment that serves that robust delicacy of deep fried chicken wings! No longer will we have to put our phones up to our cherubic faces and say “chicken wings” like all the other proletariat saps! No, friends! Now we can install the Frank’s Hot Sauce app! Truly, there is a divine being, and it loves us!

Just look at this map! I’m surrounded by fine establishments serving Frank’s Hot Sauce! Oh, thank the maker!

PARSIPPANY, NJ (April 2010) —FRANK’S® REDHOT®, the #1 brand of hot sauce in America*, is about to turn up the heat for its flavor fans with the introduction of its Frank’s RedHot iPhone application, Frank’s RedHot Wing Restaurant Finder. With a community of flavor fanatics that are as passionate about their wing sauce as they are about their hometown hoops team, wing lovers everywhere will soon be able to locate the best bars and restaurants serving up wings in time for the big games. For true RedHot fans, the option also exists to choose only those restaurants that specifically serve wings sauced with Frank’s RedHot. Flavor fans know that the secret ingredient in the original Buffalo wing sauce, Frank’s RedHot, is the key to authentic Buffalo flavor.

Frank’s RedHot Wing Restaurant Finder allows users to browse and search a large database of bars and restaurants. In addition to finding the Wing Restaurant Finder via the Frank’s RedHot iPhone app, it is also available on the Frank’s RedHot website at Consumers can search for restaurants and also by location, simply type in your zip code or city in order to retrieve the nearest location where you can satisfy your Frank’s RedHot craving. In addition the Frank’s RedHot app allows you to:
• Locate wing restaurants and bars using the iPhone’s built in GPS enabled map interface with choice of two different views: map view or list view
• Search by bar and restaurant names
• Invite friends to meet up for wings, direct from the app itself
• Access a variety of RedHot recipes including wing recipes as well as classics such as the ever-popular Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Chicken Dip, chili and more

* Based on Nielsen Data week ending 12/5/09

“At Frank’s RedHot, we know our flavor fans are so loyal that they insist on no other sauce when it comes to satisfying their craving for delicious Buffalo wings,” says Mansour Fahmy, Senior Brand Manager for Frank’s RedHot. ”It’s exciting to be able to offer them the convenience to satisfy their cravings any time of the day or night, thanks to this new technology.”

The Frank’s RedHot iPhone application is available at the Apple’s App Store and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch. In addition to searching for wing locations via the iPhone app, wing enthusiasts can also access a host of valuable information on the Frank’s RedHot website, including:

• Accessing thousands of additional recipes from the following categories: classics, drinks, dips, snacks and entrees – everything you need to host a RedHot party with fellow wing fans
• Browse reviews written by fellow wing fans
• Watch popular videos featuring Ethel, who “puts that sauce on everything!” as well as how-to recipe demo’s with Chef Kevin Roberts