Two things: the iPad is inching closer to being hacked, and people are starting to see why hacking it is a good idea

Every day, we’re getting closer to a truly hacked iPad. I support this endeavor, but there are many who would say that Apple has our best interests in mind by limiting the iPad to what they think it should do. Well. Lately we’ve learned about apps being rejected for having “pad” in the name, apps being rejected because they weren’t written in the right coding environment (regardless of compatibility), a dashboard app that was rejected because it “contradicts the iPad user experience.” It’s going to become increasingly clear over the next few weeks and months just how carefully delineated Apple means the iPad experience to be. So the question is, are you just going to take it?

If your answer is yes, then have fun with that, you have a device you are satisfied with. But for everyone else, we’re moving towards a solution that would allow people to use the device they bought in whatever way they see fit. Sure, it’ll void the warranty, and of course the risk is all yours, but he who dares, wins, right? Thousands and thousands of people have been jailbreaking their iPhones for a long time now and swear by it.

I can appreciate wanting to go along with the Apple philosophy now, but it’s akin to going along with it in the early iPhone days. Once the platform opens up a bit and the other side of the fence (that is to say the forbidden side) starts to look a little greener, you might find yourself doubting your constancy. And there’s nothing wrong with that.