For Windows Phone 7, Only The Best Is Good Enough

King Microsoft
Feeling a bit disappointed with the recent(ish) announcement of the feature-reduced, locked-down OS that is Windows Phone 7? Despite valid arguments for the change, it does feel a bit like moving back in with your parents after finishing college: sure it’s a nice house, but what’s with all the rules?

However, a recent interview (in Dutch) with Charlie Kindel during the Dutch DevDay event says that while the first release of WinPho 7 may be a little “lacking” initially, missing features will be added in the future… but only when they’re perfect.

WM Poweruser have more highlights from the interview (including tidbits on the delivery of updates, xbox tie-ins, customisation control, and carrier billing), but the take-away here is that Microsoft have now shifted away from the “Jack of all” strategy that characterised WinMo, and plan to become a powerful master, ruling initially over only an immaculate few, but gradually expanding their dominion as they fully and completely conquer foreign lands (sorry… got a bit carried away there).

Basically, new features will be added in the future, but only after they have been polished to perfection. “User experience” is key in their new strategy, and if WinPho 7 hopes to become the King of the OSes, it makes sense to only accept the best, right?