Realtime Collaboration Platform Threadbox Now In Public Beta

Earlier this year, startup Cc: Betty, a service that enabled people to organize and manage group email threads, decided to revamp and relaunch its service. The new product, Threadbox, was to be streamlined and tweaked to appeal to workgroups.

About a month ago, Threadbox showed off the results of its efforts and entered into private beta mode. Starting today, anyone interested in giving the product a whirl can sign up.

Rather than rehash what my colleague Leena Rao already wrote about Threadbox redux, here’s the gist of it:

Essentially, the site aims to combine email, IM, and collaboration tools into one platform. Instead of focusing on email like Cc:Betty, Threadbox centers around collaboration in the workplace. The service organizes and logs every type of communications with clients, allows users to share documents and images, and record decisions and feedback. The new service also has the ability to serve as a project management tool, allowing users to share and track requirements and specs, then track and follow team members from start to finish.

Additionally, Threadbox aims to serve as a communications tool between employees, with the ability to gather comments, opinions, exchange feedback, share documents and media on the same page. You can add maps, files start conference calls from within the platform. And as the service’s name implies, all communications are threaded and organized according to client and subject. Threadbox still incorporates elements of Cc:Betty’s technology. You can received notifications of thread activity and reply to threads directly from your email client.

If you test it, let us know what you think. Here’s a demo video if you’d like to see it in action first: