Your next Chrysler may have some NASA DNA

In what seems to me a rather unexpected partnership, it looks like one of the USA’s most endangered car companies is teaming up with one of the USA’s most underfunded programs to create… I know not what. Chrysler is hoping to get some tips on battery technology and composite materials from the space program, and I’m guessing NASA will take what it can get when it comes to partnerships, as long as there’s money in it.

These kind of crossover efforts usually are good, since you get a real mix of minds. At the risk of sounding corporate, it’s important to introduce diversity into your idea pool. At if you’ve all been working on the same stuff for 10 years with the same people, some stagnation might be expected.

Hopefully, the 3-year agreement will be fruitful. I think I’ll put off buying Chryslers till it’s over, though. Who wouldn’t want shuttle tech in their car?