Cannondale's enclosed-chain ON Bike is now for sale

From the side it doesn’t look like anything but a rather attractive street bike, but then you notice it’s missing a piece of the frame back there. What the — and then you hit up the side view and WHAT THE — it’s only got tubing on one side of the wheels! Yes sir, it’s a one-sided bike, with a completely enclosed chain to boot. Update: To be clear, I know the “lefty” bikes have been around for a while, but notice that the rear wheel is a “righty,” i.e. the chain enclosure is also the entire rear fork.

I don’t follow high-end bikes at all, so I’m not sure if the ON Bike from Cannondale is unique, but it certainly is cool. I’d totally rock it if it didn’t look like kind of a stiff ride. I’m used to shocks. That is to say, my associates and I.

[via Uncrate, Mocoloco and The Awesomer]