Evernote update improves premium features

I’m a huge fan of Evernote. It was one of the first apps I installed for my iPhone, and has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion. Tonight Evernote is announcing a couple of major feature enhancements for premium users: increased note sizes and notebook history.

Historically, no single note sent to Evernote could exceed 25MB. Now premium users are getting a bump from 25MB to 50MB. This is particularly handy for premium users since they can attach any type of file to a note: audio, video, PDF, etc. With this update, premium users will be able to attach larger files to their notes.

The other big feature is notebook history. Premium users can now access and export any version of any note they’ve made. Whether used as a simple “undo” function, or used to gain insight into the evolution of a note over time, this is a pretty neat new feature. It might be particularly useful for shared notes, where multiple people are contributing to a collection of notes for a project.

Evernote premium is still $5/month, or $45 a year. Not too shabby for such a useful product. And the free version works just fine, too, for folks who don’t need all the bells and whistles.