Samsung warns pregnant women, the elderly, and drunks not to watch 3D TV

Are you pregnant? Don’t watch 3D TV! Enjoy a beer or two (or more…) while watching the game? Don’t watch 3D TV! Not sleeping well lately? Don’t watch 3D TV! Such are the warnings Samsung provides on its site, designed to keep you safe and sound while watching 3D TV.

Now, it’s not like you’re going to vaporize if you watch 3D TV while buzzing off a couple of beers, but you could become disoriented and, um, do something silly.

Same thing goes for the elderly and pregnant women.

Basically, unless you’re of military age and are 100 percent sober, stay away from 3D.

One thing doesn’t make sense: apparently 3D TVs are going up all over pubs in the UK (in order to watch 3D soccer). Call me crazy, but don’t people drink beer in pubs?

Of course, Samsung doesn’t really enunciate why these folks should stay away from 3D, but best stay on the safe side.

Or not. Free will, baby!

via High-Def Digest