And now begins the BioShock MMO rumors

Any of y’all beat BioShock 2? Me neither. Played it for, eh, 20 minutes, then moved onto Napoleon: Total War. Don’t worry, though: the game is on my “to do” list. Also on my “to-do” list: whinge about an MMO based on BioShock.

Right, the rumor, which comes to THE INTERNET by way of super-secret sources somewhere deep within the bowels of somewhere, is that 2K Games is hard at work on a BioShock MMO.

Things in favor of a BioShock MMO:

• Rapture is a fully realized world, and one that absolutely should support an MMO

• There’s a big BioShock fanbase. MMOs only work when there’s plenty of people playing

Things not in favor of a BioShock MMO:

• Not everyone wants to pay X-Amount per month to play a game (assuming it’s a plain ol’ monthly subscription model)

• Will it be a shooter? Do shooters really translate to MMOs?

Questions, questions.

This the the cool thing to do now, though: create a successful franchise, then float the idea of making an MMO about it. See: Call of Duty

By the way, the BioShock Web site reminds me why I hate Flash so very much. It’s just so needlessly complicated. Like, why does a Web site need an introduction? Sigh.