Google Website Services Find Their Way Into Control Panel Software From Paralells

Google encourages web hosting companies to integrate Google services, like AdSense, Web Elements, or Custom Search, into their platforms for easy access to their customers. Today, Google is announcing that Parallels, a provider of control panel software for hosting companies, has integrated Google Services for Websites into Parallels Plesk Panel, used by millions of website owners globally to manage their sites.

Any users of Paralell’s Plesk 9.5 can now enable Google Services for Websites for their customers. The benefit is that Google’s webmaster tools (map, news, video widgets) allow website owners to generate more traffic to their websites. And of course, AdSense helps website owners monetize their sites through advertising. Hosting companies make money from website owners who buy these services through Google’s referral programs.

Parallels also offers a popular software program that allows Mac users to run Windows.