Is this the back of the next iPhone? [Gallery]

We’ve seen the supposed front of the iPhone 4 (which, according to the ol’ mill of rumors, will be called the “iPhone HD”). In fact, we’ve seen it twice. Now we’ve got the other half of the supposed-sandwich: the totally unconfirmed back of the device.

The 3-image series, which first popped up on MacRumors, is… questionable, at best. It appears that this back is made of all aluminum – a serious no-no, when you’re messing with radio waves that you actually want to get anywhere. We’ve heard shaky whispers amongst our own circles that the next iPhone will be aluminum and aesthetically similar to the iPad — but it’ll almost certainly need the same black plastic section at the top of the device as found on the iPad 3G.

More points of curiosity: the Apple logo is suspiciously small and, as MacRumors points out, the meta data within the image indicates that this has been passed through Photoshop at least once. In our own snooping, it certainly appears that the FCC ID at the bottom has been manually blurred; whether that’s because it’s a sham or to keep the leaker’s identity safe is a mystery.

What do you think? Real? Fake? Rake? Feal? Let us know in the comments below.