PSA: New Virus Found On Windows Mobile 6.5

This is a heads up for anyone running Windows Mobile 6.5:
A little over a month ago, an xda-developers member reported that his phone was waking up on its own and attempting to dial out international numbers. Soon after, other users started reporting the same thing, and after some investigation, it turned out that a virus was to blame. The virus is particularly alarming because it has the potential to cost the phone owner a lot of money.

The virus comes in the form of the game “3D Anti-Terrorist”. DO NOT INSTALL THIS GAME.

If you have installed the game, or if you have noticed any funky international numbers appearing in your call history, there are instructions to remove the virus available here.

The original thread containing all the investigative work that lead to the discovery, can be found here.

[Image by xda member emcn84 and via xda-developers]