Android 2.1 update for the Sprint Hero bumped back to early May?

Ugh. Internal memos. Even if they’re real, it seems like they’re never right. Take the Sprint Hero, for example: if this memo from March had rang true, we’d have seen the Hero bumped up to Android 2.1 last week. It didn’t. If the next memo that came out was on key, the update would be out today. So far, it’s a no show.

And now.. now we have another memo, this time saying to keep an eye out in early May.

The word comes from two separate sources. First up: The titular guys over at Android Guys got a customer service rep on the line about the update, who said:

Agent (Jolly K): “I am sorry for misinformation. The updates says that Android 2.1 HTC Hero is being launched in the first week ok [sic] May”

Right around the same time, Phandroid got their hands on a camera snap (seemingly taken in a shower, or a steam room of some sort) of a memo indicating the same thing, though it says “early May” rather than “the first week”.

So what’s the hold up? From what I’ve been told by industry amigos, Sprint is notorious for their update certification process. If they get even a whiff of a bug, they delay the roll out until it can be fixed and re-tested. Some last minute bug probably popped up and threw a stick in the gears. Waiting for the latest and greatest can be torture, but at least you know your handset won’t mysteriously blow up post-update, right?