AuthorStream Brings Web-Based PowerPoint Presentations To Your iPad, a PowerPoint sharing platform, is rolling out an iPad compatible version of its platform. Similar to SlideShare, authorSTREAM is a web-based free platform for sharing PowerPoint presentations through blogs, websites, and on sites like YouTube or an iPod.

As authorStream’s Jagdeep Pannu tells us, the device’s lack of Flash support is an obstacle to many document sharing sites that use Adobe’s technology for multimedia support. But the opportunity to view slides on the device’s screen could make the user experience much more compelling. So authorStream formatted the site in HTML to be compatible with the iPad.

When you open authorStream on the iPad, all of the site’s latest uploads have been converted to the iPad format. Older presentations are also in the process of being converted to play on the device.

Competitor DocStoc’s document sharing site also features compatibility for the iPad (on the site, not in embeds) and we hear SlideShare will be launching an iPad compatible site soon as well.