Shrimp shells may be used to repair spinal injuries, glass can help rebuild bone

A report released in the Journal of Experimental Biology today talked about how scientists have discovered a way to use chitosan to repair nerve damage. Keep in mind that chitosan is a material made from the shells of shrimp, and is not that far from the shells of insects.

The issue with previous treatments has been the production of toxins which occurred as the material broke down. The researchers tested the new chitosan compound a guinea pig, and found that the membrane on the animal’s injured spinal cord actually healed after the treatment. Of course, chitosan is still in the testing phase, but it does sound promising.

Along that same note, a completely different set of researchers discovered a way to use a glass matrix to help bone regenerate. The glass scaffolding is seeded into the injury area, which will then cause the bone tissue to grown. After a certain amount of time, the glass breaks down harmlessly in to the patients body, and is then absorbed or disposed of. This new technology shows great promise for the treatment of conditions like osteoporosis, and dental implants.