Those iPhone 4 case shots? Fake!

Yesterday evening, we posted a handful of images that were going around the Internets, purportedly showing the back of the next-gen iPhone (iPhone 4, iPhone HD, whatever you want to call it.) We spent more than half of the post decrying them as fakes — and it looks like we were right.

A french 3D modeler going by Jpog has fessed up, claiming that he made the images with 3DS Max. That explains the Photoshop meta-data that was floating around inside the images; after rendering, he presumably went in and added a bit of noise to simulate the grainy feel of a crummy camera in a low light situation.

To prove that it was his work, he provided a snapshot of his workspace showing the quick render sans lighting effects. Seems like a lot of work to make a bit of fuss on some blogs — but hey, it got his work out there. Lets just not make a habit of crying wolf, kay Jpog?

[Thanks Andrew!]