Video: Japanese company shows Super Mario Bros. on Kindle emulator

We’ve shown you an N64 emulator running on a hacked iPad just a few days ago, and now it’s time to see how Super Mario Bros. would look like on a Kindle. And the short answer is that the 1985 NES game would look awful: it’s slow, it’s in black and white only, it has no sound, it’s buggy (since when can Mario kill Goombas by bumping into them?), and apparently, you can’t even control Mario properly. Not that this is surprising.

The Tokyo-based company responsible for this experiment is called KLab, and it has developed a clone of the Kindle Developer’s Kit (KDK) and Kindle Emulator. KLab says it’s the world’s first.

Super Mario Bros. comes to life through an NES emulator that’s running on the KDK clone. KLab also programmed Kindle versions of two more classic titles, Tetris and Load Runner.

Here’s the Super Mario Bros. video. Don’t expect too much. The clip is pretty short, but at least we now know the Kindle isn’t a gaming machine):

Via Asiajin