Thanks to the #ash, a rare opportunity for startups to meet a legendary VC firm in London

The ash cloud over Europe is proving a nightmare and a boon for some startups. It’s certainly a nightmare for startup teams traveling to events, like GeeknRolla on Tuesday. (And on that note, please now follow @GeeknRolla where we will sharing information on the event and helping you get to London). But if you are in London tomorrow (Sunday) you have a rare opportunity, and it’s thanks to the ash from Iceland.

First Round Capital, are one of the lead/premier early-stage VC funds in the US. One of their managing partners, Chris Fralic (@chrisFRC) is stuck in London because of the volcanic ash’s effect on the airlines. So he’s planning to host one of First Round’s famous “Office Hours” events. This is when anyone/everyone is welcome to pop over and meet and chat with him (usually entrepreneurs wanting to pitch). This will be the Volcano Office Hours.

While this type of “session” seems obvious today, First Round Capital were the first to start it back in 2008, see here and here and here and here.

The event is set for 1pm (1300) onwards. Here is all the information you need. HERE. Or sign up here.

It will be at White Bear Yard, in Clerkenwell (@whitebearyard), 144a Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1R 5DF.

There is also a chance that a stranded Alan Patricof, often described as the father of VC and private equity (founder of Apax Partners) may join in as well. Alas we’ve heard he can’t make it now.

First Round Capital has the most trafficked VC site and are investors in Xobni,, SimpleGeo, Hot Potato, Square, CoTweet, Knewton, Plastic Jungle, Yieldex, Get Satisfaction, OpenX, Mashery, WeatherBill, BazaarVoice, Yieldex, and tons others as listed on their CrunchBase profile.

UPDATE: The event is now sold out but we’ve been told that “people can still come by if they’d like and we’ll do our best to accommodate but might not be private meetings.”