Weekend Giveaway: Waterproof, fireproof, and bombproof ioSafe hard drives

Do you live at the heart of the sun? Maybe under an active volcano? Or under water? Then you need an ioSafe 500GB super duper drive. These monsters, if you recall, can take quite a beating, surviving backhoes, fire, and water.

So what can you guys get? How about one of two 500GB ioSafe hard drives. How do you win? Glad you asked!

Pop over to ioSafe, check out the specs, and then come back and email contest@crunchgear.com filling in the blanks in the statements below

The drive is…
Fireproof to ____° F for ½ hour
Waterproof to ____ feet of fresh water or salt water for ____ full days
Cost of 500 GB Solo – $____
Weight ____ lbs

Good luck. I’ll pick two winners randomly on Monday.