Video of Next-gen iPhone Emerges

Over the weekend — as is the tradition with upcoming iPhone models — photos were leaked that purport to be of the next-gen (G4) iPhone.

Engadget originally released them, then thought they were fake, but now claim that they are, in fact, genuine. It seems quite likely that they are genuine, especially as Gizmodo has just released a hands-on video of that very same leaked device, and claim to have had it in their posession for a week.

A few interesting features have come to light due to these leaks:

  • A radical change in design, including a semi-transparent, ceramic backing/battery cover,
  • a higher resolution, but slightly smaller, screen,
  • a front-facing camera,
  • a larger camera lens and flash for the rear camera,
  • an 80GB (!) capacity,
  • a higher capacity battery, and
  • a micro-sim slot.

Gizmodo back the device’s authenticity, and deliver a convincing argument to say as much. I agree with them: this is likely the real deal. Some design features may change before launch, but this is a very polished device, so I can’t imagine that much will.

But don’t take just my word for it, you can go see the video and read Gizmodo’s evidence for yourself here.

And the original Engadget post is here.