WWE Latest: Two years after App Store launch, WWE launches 1st iPhone App

It took WWE almost two years to release an iPhone App, but here we are. That’s right, today the company, which fancies itself as some sort of catch-all, cutting-edge entertainment juggernaut, has bequeathed upon the world WWE Latest [iTunes link], a 99 cent App for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s fairly basic, but should help those of you itching for, I don’t know, Diva photos or Raw results. You do know your iPhone has a perfectly viable Web browser, right?

No, 99 cents isn’t a lot of money—it’s pretty much free, guys—but what would compel someone to pay one cent for something that’s freely available via Safari (or Opera Mini)?

There’s not too much going on in the App. You’ve got News, Photos, and Videos to choose from, and that’s it. Again, you can find news, photos, and videos on the Internet just fine.

For something that took two years to come out, it’s sure a little lackluster.

You look at other sports Apps, most notably the MLB App [iTunes link], and think, “Well, now this is something that I can show my friends.” It really makes use of the iPhone’s hardware, whereas WWE Latest seems like WWE.com in a self-contained window.

Push the cruiserweights, etc.