@GeeknRolla: SongHI: a community for the GuitarHero generation

SongHi is an entertainment-based online community aimed at the “Guitar Hero generation” across the world. It lets users create and personalise their own musical identity and form bands in customisable virtual spaces.

Launching to the world at GeeknRolla 2010 on Tuesday, the company’s Carl Costa said: “We’re creating a social network or environment around music creation so people can go on be the stars of the future.”

How does it work? Users can use SongHI to create an online rock star persona, customising their alter ego’s identity, instruments and even room decor options – all via a system of micropayments and subscriptions services. Parent company SongHI Entertainment is planning an online viral game to tie-in with the site. The main site itself has a scheduled private beta launch date of around June 1 this year.

Here’s a video showing what it’s all about…