New Lenovo L-series laptops look… practical

Lenovo makes good laptops. This much is clear. But I feel like they’re not particularly exciting. It’s like buying a Subaru. Great cars, sure, but not a lot of flair there (unless they make that gullwing prototype). But I’m going to be honest, if I were to buy a car today, it would probably be a Subaru — or a Leaf, but that’s another story. I’m not a fancy man. I just need to get around.

Same for a PC laptop. These Lenovos, starting at only $649 for a 14-incher, seem very well-equipped and ready for anything. Biometric password, trackpoint nubbin (many seem to love these), multi-touch trackpad and plenty of buttons, LED-backlit screens… it’s pretty much got the whole package, though I suspect you’ll be paying a bit more for the Core i5 option and extra RAM.

But whatever. It’s another addition to the already-populous stable of Lenovo laptops, and a worthy one at that. There’s more info here at the press release if you like reading PR.