Video: NewSight shows world's largest glasses-free 3D display

3D seems to be all the rage in the electronics industry at the moment, and not just among the bigger players. Now display specialist NewSight has developed what it claims is the world’s largest autostereoscopic 3D display, showcased recently during an industry expo in Japan (where the company itself is based out of).

The MV70-AD is 70 inches in size and doesn’t require users to wear glasses to view 3D images (it’s parallax-barrier based). The NewSight representative you see in the video below doesn’t give us too many details, but he says it took them two years to develop the screen, which is technically based on a conventional 2D panel.

We last reported about NewSight in late 2008, when the company presented the world’s 1st 3D LED 180-inch screen. And just like that device, NewSight expects demand for their new 3D display to mainly come from advertisers.

Here’s a video showing the screen in action (courtesy of DigInfo News in Tokyo):