Multiple-Source News Service Releases iPad App

I very much like, a news destination website that collects and analyzes perspectives from multiple sources and wraps these views into snack-sized videos.

I particularly dig their iPhone app (iTunes link), which is perfect for quick and easy news consumption on the go.

Since yesterday, you can also check out the fledgling media company’s custom-made iPad application, which suits the device format really well.

People can use the iPad app to watch high-quality Newsy videos, which highlight the differences in how global media outlets report a story, an experience particularly compelling in landscape mode. Users can flip through videos in a nifty cover flow type fashion, which should be familiar to anyone that uses Apple’s iTunes interface.

The app allows users to drag and drop videos and build customized playlists, easily share videos through email and social networks like Facebook and Twitter, read and post comments on the fly and drill down deeper into a news story by exploring the sources Newsy analyzed.

Like the iPhone app, the iPad app is offered free of charge. A must-download.