Finally A Green Story I Can't Mock: The Sun Chips Biodegradable Bag

I love our planet as much as the next person, but I despise efforts by companies and people to get credit for caring about the earth with empty gestures.

Like Pepsi’s ridiculous Aquafina press stunt. Or all this black screen Earth Day nonsense. Or bringing in goats to eat your lawn. Or banning black cars.

But I can’t find anything wrong with Frito Lay’s creation of a 100% biodegradable bag for SunChips. It will completely compost in 14 weeks under ideal conditions. I can imagine a day when most of our trash goes into our own back yard, simply to melt away into the ground.

Sure, it uses a corn based product, and there are all kinds of environmental issues with our corn production. But when you see the huge amount of trash accumulating around the world, including in our oceans, it’s hard not to argue that this is a very, very good thing.

Watch the video of a bag biodegrading here. More detailed information on the process here.