Sirius XM radio coming to Android "soon"

Hey, Android handset owners! Tired of your iPhone-toting friends bragging about how they can tune into SiriusXM radio on the go, while you can’t? Me too. (Don’t have any friends who happen to have both SiriusXM accounts and an iPhone? Me neither. We’re pretending, okay?)

Fret no longer! Your time in the shadows of inadequacy is nearing its end, friend: SiriusXM is officially coming to Android.

While Sirius isn’t giving any specific dates, a sign-up page that went live recently promises that it will be “available soon”. The application itself will be free, though you’ll need a monthly SiriusXM subscription to keep the tunes pumping after your 7-day trial is up.

And before you Stern fans get too excited about listening to ol’ Curly on the go: just like with the iPhone app, Howard Stern (along with MLB Play-by-Play, NFL Play-by-Play, and SIRIUS NASCAR Radio) won’t be making an appearance here due to “contractual rights things“.