BlackBerry 9670 pops up again, with Atlas 8910 in tow

Well, I’ll be. Thanks to the efforts of an intrepid CrackBerry forum-goer, we have yet another BlackBerry 9670 picture to ogle. And this time, it has company!

Here’s a quick refresher for anyone interested: the 9670 is RIM’s first clamshell BlackBerry, which coincidentally wields RIM’s first 5.0 megapixel camera. It runs BB OS 6.0, and should come stock with RIM’s first WebKit based browser. Are we sensing a bit of a theme here?

If the 9670 is the epitome of new as far as BlackBerrys go, then the Atlas sitting next to it could be it’s polar opposite. It’s looking to be the next in a line of incremental upgrades, and right now it isn’t looking too different from the 8900 it will eventually replace. The optical trackpad and bump to OS 5.0 are certainly welcome additions, but EDGE? Really? IntoMobile seems to think it’s actually poised to use the Evolved EDGE standard, but only time (or a really juicy leak) will tell.

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