Boost Mobile gussies up their selection with the Sanyo Juno

For a long time, if you wanted to take advantage of Boost Mobile’s $50 Monthly Unlimited plan, you had to put up with a few disadvantages. The biggest, of course, was the fact that you were stuck using their sketchy iDEN network. Not only that, you had to do it with a handset that was (more often than not) as ugly as sin. Ever since Boost has embraced CDMA with open arms though, complaints on both counts have been addressed rather nicely. Except — except there’s one thing that the Boost handset lineup has been sorely missing.


Now that Boost isn’t running on a stone-age (and by stone-age, I mean “circa 1994”) network, they’re taking a page out of every other carrier’s pay-go playbook, and claiming a unit found on their parent company’s contract offerings as their own. Aside from the full QWERTY keyboard, the Juno (aka the SCP-2700, as far as Sprint is concerned) packs a 1.3 megapixel camera, threaded messaging, wireless web, GPS, and Bluetooth. Sure, it’s not exactly the newest phone on the market, but at $99 available today, it would be the perfect phone to match your Day-Glo leggings for your next 80’s party, if nothing else.

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