Nokia asks for their prototype N8 back, jabs at Apple's security policies

Nokia’s not very happy right now. Just days before they officially announced their new flagship phone, the N8, someone managed to get their hands on an early prototype. Sound familiar?

Unlike Apple’s prototype iPhone, Nokia’s leaked N8 actually booted up, bearing its early software — and all of its early faults — for judgement.

Although Eldar’s early hands-on makes a passing mention or two of the device’s early state, Nokia says it isn’t enough:

“Buried deep down in the blogger’s salacious headlines about the software not being ready, was the most important point. This is a very early, pre-production prototype with dated software that is not yet ready. So the site’s comments that the software ‘felt premature’ is probably one of the more blindingly obvious things you will read this year.”

While they’re disappointed that the prototype was revealed in such a manner, they say it won’t let it affect the way things work at Nokia. While they avoid naming any names outright, they make a fairly transparent jab at Apple’s (generally) extreme security practices:

“However, whilst we are determined to protect our intellectual property and maintain the surprise when a shiny new gadget is introduced, we are not going to do so at the expense of the working conditions we enjoy here at Nokia. We are not the Secret Police, and we want to maintain our culture of openness”

In the end, they just want their prototype back, closing the post with “Now that the official news is out, we’d like our prototype back. Please.” Lets just hope Eldar doesn’t make them write a signed and dated letter.