Video: Chikara has a video game?!

I truly have seen everything now. Apparently Chikara, the Philadelphia-based pro-wrestling promotion that mixes lucha libre, puroresu, and general tomfoolery will be releasing its very own video game, Rudo Resurrection. (“Rudo” means “bad guy” in lucha libre lingo.) Absolutely zero details have been announced other than that it will be available for “multiple platforms.”

I think it’s safe to say wrestling video games peaked with the release of WWF No Mercy for the N64 back in 2000. Yuke’s SmackDown series, and latterly the SmackDown vs. Raw always fight like fighting games trying to be wrestling games, if that makes any sense. Someone gets it, I hope.

But this Chikara game came completely out of left field. Chikara isn’t even on TV—to see it, you either have to attend live or buy the DVDs—and the fact that it’s developing a video game, even if it’s some Wii Ware/Xbox Live Arcade/iPhone OS “simple” game is pretty damn amazing.