Surprise: Iron Man 2 nowhere near as good as the first one

That’s funny. When I last wrote about Iron Man 2, I had guessed that Scarlett Johansson would be the only reason to see the movie, and it looks like I was right! The first review of the movie has been published, and it includes this: “Meanwhile, [Johansson] struts through the film in various stages of dress and undress, which might be the best thing about Iron Man 2 for its younger male fans.” Other than that? The movie is hot garbage. Go figure.

The review, published by The Hollywood Reporter, laments what has happened in between Iron Man and Iron Man 2. The first one was a comic book movie, yes, but Tony Stark wasn’t the typical one-dimensional good guy that makes you roll your eyes in disgust. The sequel instead employs “noise, confusion, multiple villains, irrelevant stunts and misguided story lines.” (I love the phrase “irrelevant stunts.”)

It’s as if the producers of the movie said, “Eh, let’s not try too hard, we know this is going to be a big hit.” Sorta like when you had a substitute teacher: you’d do what you had do but not with any real conviction behind it.

Even the CGI is disappointing! What good is a comic book movie with cruddy and boring CGI?

Sounds like a Netflix rental to me, if that.